Why is down cruel? 

Down is not a victimless material.

Despite the fact that changes have been made over the years in the way feathers and down are harvested, 1% to 3% of ducks and geese worldwide are still subjected to the torturous practice of live plucking.

If we believe that these numbers are not actually higher, this still represents 30 to 90 million birds each year that are live plucked, a process that is repeated up to four times a year.



Some manufacturers have moved away from this practice, claiming that their suppliers only collect feathers post-mortem. However, verification and control of plucking practices may well be imperfect. They are in fact not regulated by any third-party auditors that are truly independant, disinterested, and not set up by the down industry themselves. The trade of down also provides an additional income source for production farms and slaughterhouses, thereby financing and perpetuating the latter.




I founded BOÏDA in 2018, in Montreal (Canada). I wanted to create a brand of vegan apparel designed to inspire people to believe in their individual power to make a positive impact in the world. 

BOÏDA offers animal-friendly apparel, with a strong focus on high-quality outerwear and fashion accessories. 

I believe that ultimately, as sentient beings, whether human or animal, we are all conscious beings that share a common desire: to live, and be free from pain and suffering. When we recognize this shared quest, it becomes clear that there is a oneness which underlies all of our existence. As such, the violence that we collectively inflict on animals, unnecessarily for the most part, needs to stop. We must end the exploitation and destruction of billions of animal lives every year in the food and fashion industries.

BOÏDA, as pronounced in Korean, means “to be visible”. This captures my brand’s mission, which is to be a voice to speak for animals, to make their plight and suffering visible. In particular, I support the movement to recognize the fundamental rights of animals in the hopes that one day specism will be a thing of the past.

The power lays within my hands and yours to build a world that is kinder and more compassionate. It only takes one sliver of light to break the dark, so too it takes only one person to initiate a change. Join me to make this change, together let's move the needle.


About our collection

Compassion is always in fashion.
BOÏDA'S line of apparel is exclusively vegan and approved by PETA.  

Our flagship product, VEGAGOOZ, is a line of cruelty-free winter jackets insulated with vegan "down."  Made in part with corn fibers and further reinforced with a patent-pending technology, VEGAGOOZ  jackets were presented at the first ever Vegan Fashion Week which took place in Los Angeles in 2019, as well as different fashion-related events in NYC.